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Rental prices only (does not include delivery or setup) per day.

Delivery, setup, and technicians to operate are all available.

Delivery and pickup at $99 and up.    Tech Labor $45 / hour

Guitar Amplifiers:


Fender Twin 65 Tube Combo 2X12": $85

Fender Ultimate Chorus 2X12": $85



Bass Amplifiers & Cabinets:


Ampeg SVT 3 PRO BAss Head: $65

Ampeg 4X10" Bass Cabinet: $60


Other model available upon request.



Drum Set Package:

(with Zildjian Cymbal & DW Harware)


Pearl Pro Drum Set: $200





Music Stand: $5

Guitar Stand: $5


Drumset Mic Package: $140

(Audix D6, AKG C1000 or Rode NT5, Sennheiser 604,

Shure SM57 with all stand)



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