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Rental prices only (does not include delivery or setup) per day.

Delivery, setup, and technicians to operate are all available.

Delivery and pickup at $99 and up.    Tech Labor $45 / hour

Black Duvetyn or Carbonite:

Black 8' high $3.25/linear foot
Black 10' high $3.50/linear foot
Black 12' high $3.75/linear foot
Black 14' high $4.00/linear foot
Black 16' high $4.25/linear foot

All other colors other than Black:

Call For Pricing

Colored, Doubled (in fullness):

Call for Pricing


Adjustable Upright 7' to 12' $10
Adjustable Spreader 7' to 12' $15
Adjustable Spreader 4' to 7' $8
Base 12" X 12" $5
Sand Bag 35lbs $5


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